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Safe Servers of Indiana provides alcohol server training classes certified by the ATC
Welcome to Safe Servers of Indiana!

The State of Indiana requires all employees who furnish alcohol to customers to successfully complete a state-approved alcohol server training course.  These courses can not be taken online; they must taken in person.  Fortunately, Safe Servers of Indiana provides the required training!

Safe Servers of Indiana has been approved and certified by the Indiana Alcohol & Tobacco Commission (ATC), and is affiliated with other local and national organizations dedicated to the safe distribution and consumption of alcoholic beverages. 

The state of Indiana initially required employees to undergo alcohol server training on April 30, 2011.  The required alcohol server training course must be taken in addition to submitting the employee permit application.  For an electronic copy of the employee permit application, click here.

Indiana ATC alcohol server training certifications expire three years after the date of training.  At this point, employees are required to renew their certification. 

Registering for an alcohol server training class is simple: just click the “Register Now” tab, above, and browse through our list of scheduled courses.  If you would like to sort the list according to district, click the area of the map that interests you.  When you have found a class that fits your schedule, click “Register Now!”  Then, complete the registration form and attend the class.  Be sure to bring your government-issued photo ID!


Effective immediately:

All alcohol employee permit holders must complete an ATC-certified alcohol server training program.

If you obtain or renew a permit, you have 120 days to complete the alcohol server training program.

Indiana liquor laws have recently changed.

To review existing legislation and stay abreast of upcoming changes, click here.

Our Winter/Spring schedule is here and more coming soon!

We are currently taking requests for on-site alcohol server training. Contact Safe Servers of Indiana if you would like to host a class.  

Safe Servers of Indiana offers onsite training!
Do you have a group of 12 or more servers who need alcohol server training? Contact us today to schedule training at your location.

Restricted License Servers (19 and 20-year-olds):
If you are under 21 and at least 19 years old, you must complete alcohol server training prior to applying for your alcohol permit. Your original certificate of attendance must be attached to your application. Call us to schedule a class!

Did you lose your server training certificate?
If, and only if, you took an alcohol server training class with Safe Servers of Indiana, send a $10 money order to:

Safe Servers of Indiana 

6845 S. Madison Avenue

Indianapolis, IN 46227

Along with the money order, include a document that clearly lists your name and current mailing address, date of birth, location of your training class, the date of your training class, as well as the name of your instructor and his/her instructor number. 

We cannot assist you if you took a class with a company other than Safe Servers of Indiana.

Please be advised if you are not able to provide the course location and date we can not issue a replacement certificate. 


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